Technology Moment Pakistan

Technology moment Pakistan is a political party. This party is also known as Tehreek-E-Tech. The founder of this party is Waqar Zaka. This party has taken no time to create high-level interest in Pakistan young generation. Because the major purpose of this party is to highlight the online tricks of earning. Then to make Pakistan more technical in the world.

Nowadays, every person in the world knows that technology. Because technology is a thing that can change the future of any country and its nation. Technology moment Pakistan starts their campaign to make changes in the education system, people’s lives, and their angle of thinking.

The purpose of this party to make earning easy from the internet. This party wants to bring laws in Pakistan for bringing PayPal, Amazon, and other technologies that are banned in Pakistan.

Why did the technology moment Pakistan start?

The present government has made laws against Facebook, YouTube, google, and other internet technologies many times. And that is not good for Pakistan’s future. Because of these laws, people not getting suitable platforms for online earning in Pakistan.

For that purpose, this party is launched in Pakistan. They started their campaign. He also make sure these changes about technology in Pakistan.

Who is Waqar Zaka?

Waqar Zaka is the first person to influence cryptocurrency in Pakistan. He is a well-organized personality. Waqar zaka is also a TV host in Pakistan. He is an engineering graduate from NED university of engineering and technology. 

Waqar zaka wants to make his cabinet. He also make laws in favor of technologies to bring PayPal, Amazon, and other internet technologies in Pakistan for providing more platforms of earning for people.

Big achievements of the Moment

  • Computer textbook updated in Sindh.
  • Won PUBG Case.
  • Lift ban from Cryptocurrency in Pakistan.
  • Getting Pakistan’s first Tenup.IO from the court.

Computer textbook updated in Sindh

In our schools, most books are outdated. We teach students about those technologies that we no need nowadays. There is compulsory to update books for student’s. Or awareness about advanced technologies that are used in the world right now.

Technology moment Pakistan struggled hard and get success to change the content of computer book in Sindh. Waqar Zaka add advance content in computer book about technologies. Moreover,that are using right now in the world.

Won PUBG Case

All Pakistanis know that PUBG was banned by the government of Pakistan. This ban made a negative impact on Pakistan’s e-commerce sports.

Waqar Zaka make a great effort. He also won the case of PUBG in the court. Then get success in lifting the ban from PUBG in Pakistan.

Lift ban from Cryptocurrency in Pakistan

The cryptocurrency was banned in Pakistan. Waqar Zaka made efforts and make cryptocurrency legal in Pakistan. To lifting the ban from all technologies in Pakistan. Waqar Zaka is known as the mastermind of all that actions. Furthermore, he is achieving success day by day by enhancing technology in Pakistan.

Getting Pakistan’s first Tenup.IO from court is a block chain Global microfinance platform. Because Waqar Zaka made this prototype in Pakistan which provides the number one product. He offered to Pakistan’s government that if the government grants access to launch this in Pakistan. Moreover, he gives a guaranty to Pakistan’s government that Pakistan can earn up to 4 million dollars in a day and 735 million dollars in 6 months.

Is it good to join Technology moment Pakistan?

The answer to that question Is an absolute yes. Because technology is the need of the future in any part of the world. If we want to learn about the latest technologies. We must join this moment to gain more powerful skills. Then we also know about technologies to make earning more easy and fast.

Crypto Association Facebook group

This group is the official group under Waqar Zaka. He said that it is a paid group. He charges 1500pkr per month for this course. Because it is a community of members where they can learn and earn and helps others to become earners in Pakistan.

If you want to learn about the latest technologies and crypto methodology, you can also join this group. After joining this group, you can learn, earn and make a good lifestyle.

Conclusion of Technology moments of Pakistan

After read that article, We hope that the importance of the latest technologies is clear in your mind. In this field, the life of Waqar Zaka is ideal for us. Because he teaches us that we must focus on our work consistently. Because Technology is the thing that brings advancement to our lives. Technologies are growing up faster in the futures days. Because we should learn about the latest technologies. There are many learning platforms in Pakistan. Where you can learn all about the latest techniques of the internet. Find many ways of earning.

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