Enablers Pakistan:


Enabler Pakistan is an e-commerce supportive program ground in Pakistan. Enablers helps people to build up an online business. Enablers is an e-commerce based learning program, that tells people, especially youth to do business with Amazon eCommerce, virtual assistance, and freelancing.

It was settled in 2018, by the organizer and CEO, Saqib Azhar, and Faisal Azhar as COO. It leads Pakistan towards an eCommerce turn. Their success and experience on the Amazon marketplace permit them to teach people how to want to start their business. They give them top training and workshop and enables them to become a successful trader and start a non-stop business in eCommerce market places. Its main purpose is to build 200,0000 businesses and providing 2 billion opportunities in Pakistan in 2023 and increase the Pakistani business on eCommerce.

How to join Enablers?

If you want to register with enablers, simply provide them all services relevant to your brand, then a team visits your business if it is approved then it will display on this page. This program is mainly made for freelancers and helps them from the experts of the company. People can freely question their businesses and get answers from their experts.

How to learn Enablers?

It suggests different paid training sessions learn well. These programs are like eCommerce training, learn the English language to improve your speaking skills, digital marketing, Daraz Boot camp, Amazon private boot camp, become a seller, start a new business, wholesale seller, etc. Their course includes one of the most important parts of the video series, in which you learn how to start a new business in the global market and how to grow your existing business.

What Enablers Pakistan Do?

An enabler gives all the activities needed to grow or improve a business for the future in global markets. It checks your brand, brand value, exploration, infrastructure, architecture, and compliance. It adds all the activities according to the market that your business has need.

Types of Enablers:

  • Infrastructure Enablers
  • Architectural Enablers
  • Compliance Enablers
  • Exploration Enablers

Key to success on amazon:

It is a very exclusive area for business and it is very tough to choose a product. Always choose a brand that has high demand and low competition. Many people in Pakistan earn one million dollars from textile and sports-related products.

How Enablers related to Amazon:

Enablers Sellers Dashboard gives the opportunity people to sell anything on amazon. First, create your account using this dashboard.

Govt of Punjab and Enablers courses:

Govt of Punjab announce the free courses 2021 for Pakistani’s. All male and female eligible students can get their enrollment in free courses. All the courses are in the Urdu language. These courses help to develop you from $300 to $3 Billion.

Amazon and Enablers in Pakistan:

Saqib Azhar as the CEO of enablers in Pakistan developed the world’s largest Facebook group on amazon in Pakistan. He has 15 years of experience in the UK and after it. and also he has decided to come back to Pakistan to guide the people to develop their eCommerce business. He has also been selected by UNDP to train the people of Pakistan under their sponsorship.
Now Saqib Azhar to create 2 million jobs opportunities in 2023. He gives himself 3 years to get succeed in amazon. After several failures, he reached the first page of amazon.

Projects and sharing in Enablers:

In 2019, Enablers receive a certificate from UNDP for the training program of KPK. In 2020, Enablers participate with the Govt of Punjab. It start a project called “Khush Hall Pakistan”. and also start training courses in UMT Lahore. In 2021, it starts the Enablers connect app which collects all eCommerce service providers on a single platform with the purpose of safe payments. and also in an arrangement to increase the trust level in eCommerce.

Enablers Pakistan series:

Enablers introduced a course known as Enabling series which includes a complete guide of “Best eCommerce training course series in Pakistan”. This series includes a complete list that helps people who want to start a business or freelance career. This series is not only for Pakistani’s, it is for all over people. Enablers consists of some training which will be provided all over Pakistan. It is not just online training, even face-to-face training sessions held in your local cities and you have the time for eating the brain of expert trainers.

Why Enablers Pakistan:

In Pakistan, most people, especially youth want their businesses. Most of them are disappointed because they do have not enough money for doing this. Some others have money for business, but they do have not enough knowledge on how to start a business and how to grow it. In this way, they lost their money. On the other side, people do not know eCommerce. In this way, enablers start a program in which they give guidelines to the people for, how to start a business and how to grow it. Because Ecommerce is also a services business. Through which you can also sell your services to others and earn. At this time there are very challenges to Pakistan for amazon, but we hope in this system of enablers it all end soon.

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