Cat crazy in Victorious

Why was cat crazy in Victorious?

In Nickelodeon’s famous show “Victorious” many characters achieved high fame but “Catarina” Cat crazy in Victorious has achieved other levels of affection of fans. Cat Valentine was a humorous and crazy character that was played by “Ariana Grande”. Ariana is the most favorite character of the Show and everyone is a fan of her soulful voice. Everyone knows her as she is an American singer, songwriter, and actress as well.

The cat was one of the funniest and animated characters in the Victorious Show. Sometimes she’s so absent-minded that she doesn’t know if she is coming to visit the room or going back.

She is gentle, talkative, happy, and cheerful, often unaware of what is going on around him. Cat is playful by nature and pays very little attention, so when she wants to be away, she can easily turn others away from colorful things. She can be a bit of a show queen and doesn’t take criticism well.

Cat crazy in Victorious | Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has achieved many awards in the industry and still counting. She played this character with fun and energetic manners, and at times oblivious. In an episode, she revealed that her first full name is “Catarina”.  Everyone use to call her “Cat” but only her grand maa called her with his first full name “Catarina”. She is friendly and cooperative and all the students love her soft and kind heart nature. Cat crazy in Victorious has a bubbly and charming soul naturally and sometimes she went crazy and wild. She is also a very talented singer and her magical voice gains fan following her.

Who played the role of cat?

The brother of the cat was suffering from a mental illness and her parents took him to another corner of the world for better treatment. They left Cat to his Uncle and advised him to take good care of her but, unfortunately, they were not polite to her. Additionally, they don’t like her red hair and her talkative lips. They were very strict inhabits and Cat lost her freedom in her Uncle’s house. She cannot go to the toilet unless it is necessary, she can’t have unlimited chats with friends. The cat was feeling lost in this house and her freedom was snatched by his rude Uncle and his stepbrother. Therefore, she becomes harsh and crazy. Although she wasn’t having her parent’s love, she moved to his friend and started living there. When her parents took notice of this huge change in behavior they sent her to her Grandmother.

cat crazy is victorious and very lonely because she is mentally and sexually abused by his brother. Her brother is called “crazy” in the play and he is mentally unfit. Moreover, she used antidepressant tabs that made her funkier and perky.

The reasons behind Cat crazy in Victorious Show

There are many reasons for Cat’s wild behavior but the most common reason is his brother. He may be schizophrenic and often mistreats his family based on the cat. He considers them his way of dealing with voices and deception. Her parents want to help him but are afraid to do anything. Think of Wiki’s father as a kind of weird parent.

Is Cat was really suffering from bipolar in Victorious?

However, another reason may be that she is bipolar, with erratic traits such as increased self-confidence, excessive talking, and task performance.

Other causes of Cat’s dynamic nature can range from potential autism to active sibling abuse.

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