Call of Duty: Vanguard Devs Admit Player Visibility & Audio Problems

Player Visibility & Audio Problems

In a Twitter thread that collected suggestions from Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta, Sledgehammer Games stated its intention to tackle audio and visibility points.

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In a modern Twitter thread, Call of Duty: Vanguard developer Sledgehammer Games acknowledged the showcasing of its beta and audio mixing points and announced plans to tackle them. Sledgehammer’s response comes just a few days after the shooter’s first beta, a special PlayStation special run scheduled for September ten-thirteen. The second Vanguard Beta will occur from September sixteen to twenty and shall be exposed to various consoles.

Call of Duty: Critical Part of the Campaign’s Story

Prior to the Vanguard beta release, Sledgehammer introduced that half of the game’s 12 playable operators could appear during testing. Vanguard operators are a critical part of the campaign’s story, and every elite soldier has a completely unique backstory and a unique set of fight skills. operators will apparently also have the ability to speak during combat, a character that sets them apart from operators in previous titles. As a result, the nuances in the audio not only stand out for the overall gaming experience but also include parts that weren’t used before.

Call of Duty: Sledgehammer Acknowledgment

In an in-depth Twitter thread, Sledgehammer has publicly acknowledged a series of Vanguard beta proposals; However, the developer highlight that there are currently important points in this sport regarding the visibility of the participants and the audio mix. It looks like Sledgehammer has plans to address these issues, among other things, in the future. “We know there is a lot of talk about player visibility and audio consistency,” the company says. Stay tuned as we tackle some of the updates planned for this weekend. “Since the beta version will be ready next Thursday, it is possible that these updates will be done before the launch”.

Consumer’s Determination

In addition to the audio and visibility issues, Sledgehammer also detailed other intentional Vanguard improvements. After reviewing the contributors’ suggestions, the developer determined that it is trying to quickly deal with in-game points. Basically in the answer under the Sledgehammer thread, the audio and visibility of Vanguard seem to be the most important takeaways in the intervening period. One consumer-defined the visibility on the PlayStation 4 as “nonexistent,” while another determined that they can’t hear the barking once they have made a strategy.

What is the Role of Beta?

The role of the beta is to handle areas that builders won’t need to see when the game officially launches, so this is a good sign that Sledgehammer seems to be taking the steps necessary to ensure a smooth launch of Vanguard. Sound and sight points are fairly common, and they were found in the alpha version of Call of Duty: Vanguard. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly until the official launch of the game, or better yet, before the second beta.

Let’s have look at the updates in the vanguard.

Improvements in Vanguard

Damage Overlay: Adjust damage overlay on injuries to maintain visibility.

Lighting:  Decreases the density of the solar fog. Increase the extreme lighting around the players to separate them from the framework.

Audio Improvement in Vanguard

  • Slightly increased the number of non-player steps.
  • The weight of the non-player weapon has decreased slightly. Note.
  • A non-player is any person other than you (enemies and teammates).
  •  Decrease speaker volume and ringing frequency.
  • Global MP Mix Pass to improve the information sound of the game.

Upcoming Fixes for Vanguard

These are fixes that will not be completed prior to beta but are still ongoing. These will be fully resolved prior to the official launch of Vanguard.

  • A collapsed wall with an inappropriate collision pattern was found on Champion Hill. Although it looks like a solid wall has a hole through which the nameplate passes and the nameplate is displayed.
  • Nameplate visibility works by exhaling yourself from other players. The nameplate is not displayed, if something is blocking.Keep this in mind when playing the game and report it if something goes wrong.
  • Sledgehammer Games is aware of more ID tags and aiming issues and is exploring solutions. Game clips are a great resource for our teams to find and fix these issues, so keep coming back. MycircleFit

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